Private service to discover the beauty of Campania

Flavors, scents and traditions of the area

The tour to the discovery of taste, color and flavors of gastronomy of Campania starts into the lush, country of mountains Lattari located in a central position with the sorrentina and the Amalfi coast. Agerola is famous for its typical products, characterized by quality raw materials and the techniques of production. Tra various products, in particular, we must mention the Provolone del Monaco DOP, a seasoned cheese with spun dough semi-hard, obtained from whole milk mixed with milk from cows agerolese. It is aged 6 to 18 months. Another outstanding product is the “fior di latte”, fresh cheese from cow's milk. Agerola is also famous for its sausages that are produced with skillful techniques, another traditional product is bread, in fact the country has been recognized brand city of bread, which identifies the municipalities in which this product takes on unique characteristics. Moving in coastal you can discover the famous lemons from which it makes limoncello, a liqueur IGP to serve iced after meals. Staying on the theme of excellent wine of the coast is a typical product to try. The Amalfi coast is full of wineries that with selections of noble grapes and the search for the right level of moisture and freshness-give life to wines of the highest quality known worldwide Speaking of unique experiences one of all is the ceramic. Its traditions date back to the fifteenth century; in coastal you can shop for pottery and visit the workshops. Thanks to my knowledge network, in addition, you have access to cooking classes at the beautiful Ravello and ceramics courses Professional.

Excursions, hiking and trekking

The Campania and above the Amalfi Coast offers a wide choice of paths to fans. The most important is the path of the gods, which links Agerola with Nocelle village of Positano. The name lets imagine the beauty and drama of the path that is one of the most picturesque in the world. The trail moves between Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, and across from Capri. The journey takes about three hours and has a slight degree of difficulty. Along the way there are caves, cultivated terraces and ruins of old houses. It starts from Piazza Paolo Capasso of Bomerano in Agerola and arrived in Nocelle you can go right to “Monte Pertuso” and reach Positano or left, down 1700 steps leading to Arienzo. Another excursion not to be missed is definitely the one to Vesuvius. Through an ancient path to reach the crater, you start down a scenic road to point 1050 meters, from where you continue on foot. The tour lasts about two hours and a half, the path is really impressive. At the foot of Vesuvius are the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, both famous for their excavations that constitute an extraordinary testimony of the ancient world. The cities were buried by ash following the eruption of 79 A.D. and bring to light from upcoming archaeological excavations. The coasts of Campania are unique in the world and I with my experience I will visit unique places: the magical atmosphere of the Gulf of Naples to Sorrento peninsula and the Amalfi coast, passing through Positano and its narrow streets, Amalfi and its history, Ravello and its splendid Villa Rufolo, until you get to Salerno. Just in Salerno each year from December to March takes place the event "Salerno lighting artist", in which we find the city decked with lights.